Powerful Results

This program works and the results speak for themselves.

Purposeful Passion

Having Passion alone isn't enough. Passion without Purpose is a missed opportunity to do something remarkable.

Intentional Empathy

We live in a vulnerable world. Let's choose to be courageous enough to show compassion to those around us.

Radical Responsibility

You are in control. You determine what is top of mind for you and what's in front of your face whether it be social media, media in general, or the company you keep.

Grit and Gratitude -
we believe we need both.

What started as a tiny boot camp gym in 2014, has morphed into a full wellness offering servicing the dynamic needs of a robust and diverse community. Over the last few years what we’ve come to do best is help folks step into their strength every day in every way.


ABOUT the G&G Tribe

It's a process.

Just telling you to "get started" isn't helpful. It isn't enough. We believe in giving you a roadmap, outlining the exact steps you need to take in order to succeed. We take a structured, holistic approach to our clients wellness via movement, nutrition and mindset coaching. We deliver lasting change through our team, our programming, and our culture. Come step into YOUR strength. You got this. Yes YOU.





Our bread and butter! Join us for a 30 minute full body workout focused on SAFE intensity versus duration. Classes are offered weekdays, as early as 5:15 AM and as late as 6:15 PM, as well as on Saturday mornings starting at 7:30 AM.

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A personalized strength and conditioning program centered around safely getting you proficient in the Big 3 (squat, bench and deadlift). Classes are offered weekday afternoons or between 7pm-8:30pm, as well as on Saturday mornings starting at 6:00 AM.

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Reconnect to your breath, recover from your hard work in the gym, and learn various stretches you can incorporate into your own recovery at home.

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Let's Do This

It’s easy to get started. Simply schedule a FREE trial session, and SHOW UP.