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What Drives Us

August 6th, 2019


Fostering a Powerful Community really comes in the ability for every person that walks through our doors to look around the room and see themselves. To know that yes, YOU can be successful here. It's in finally being able to exhale.  It's in showing up by choice day after day - for yourself and for your people. It's in FINALLY having a routine you can stick to. It's in knowing your WHY and in learning to take responsibility for your action and inaction. In appreciating how far you've come and anxiously awaiting what's around the corner for you.  In knowing you can ask for help when you need it. In knowing that you can show up and fall apart if you need to on the bad days. It's also in the joy of lifting others up on your strong days. It's in the high fives, the hugs, the "C'mon we got this". It’s definitely in the people that notice when you're there and more importantly when you aren't - in the acquaintances that become friends and then family. It's in realizing how amazing it feels to be part of something bigger than yourself or your "shoulds".

At Grit and Gratitude we're made up of folks from ALL walks of life. Nothing here is cookie cutter or typical. We've grown solely by word of mouth and referrals. From our folks bringing their friends and their family to OUR home because of the way it makes them feel to be here - because they so desperately want that feeling for others.  We're people that otherwise probably never would've crossed paths. People that ordinarily wouldn't have much in common. But people that CHOOSE to show up and love each other up week after week.


What do POWERFUL results look like? Better yet, what do they feel like?

The results from our program speak for themselves. Check out the testimonials throughout the site, or our "Powerful Results" Highlight on Instagram to see what we mean - @gritandgratitudect.

Any time we talk “results” we want to take the opportunity to remind you that results can mean A LOT of different things to A LOT of different folks. Contrary to what the media would have you believe, fat loss is not the ONLY goal, or result to pursue. It's a fine goal - a useful goal at times. But it's certainly not the only goal. Strength, Power, Presence, Confidence, Consistency, Relief, Camaraderie, Stress management, and Connection are all pretty powerful as well. 

The world doesn't need a NEW you, or even a different you. YOU are fantastic. Today. Just as you are. YOU don't need fixing, because YOU are not broken. That being said, I think that making an intentional change is one of the most powerful things a person can do for themselves and for this world. I firmly believe that you can be BOTH a masterpiece and a work in progress in any area you choose to improve - be-it your body, your mind, your relationships, your career, your opinion, a specific skill, or anything else YOU decide you want to expand. 

Many times we set the goals or chase the results we THINK we're supposed to set based on what others tell us. Nahhh, you're never gonna stick to those. Your goals must be important to YOU. You have to be hungry for them. They need to be the thing you just can't get off your mind. Then and only then will you be focused enough to achieve them. We call it "finding your WHY", and we have an entire chalkboard wall dedicated to it as a reminder to our folks every time they walk into and out of the gym. So let your goals be YOURS.

There is nothing more fulfilling or satisfactory than being who you say you are, or doing what you say you'll do. It's such a rare quality. Remember, we don't need a complete overhaul of who you are. We just need more people walking their talk - and we're pretty great at helping folks do just that. When you walk your talk, those powerful results have a tendency to show up faster than you'd think.


Having Passion alone isn't enough. Passion without Purpose is a missed opportunity to do something remarkable. It's like vision without action. It's only half of the equation.  Many of us confuse Persistence with Purpose. We think if we just keep trying REALLY hard, then we'll eventually reach our goal. But Persistence without Purpose just leads to exhaustion. When it comes to your health and fitness goals, MAKE sure you're operating from a place of PURPOSE versus merely a place of PERSISTENCE. Working harder will only get you so far. At some point, if you want to get to the next level - working smarter will be key. Purpose is your plan…It's the roadmap to your Passion. It drives it. It's the HOW to your Passion's WHY your Passion drives you towards your long-term goal(s). Your Purpose is the day in and day out action you take in the short term to chip away at that.


Empathy and connection is why we're here. Period. Without it, all of this is meaningless. We live in a vulnerable world. Let's choose to be courageous enough to show compassion to those around us. Grit and Gratitude serves as a safe place for people to be vulnerable, to show up raw, and to work through their stuff while being fully seen by an empathetic community that will support them through it all.


Respecting yourself and your goals enough to constantly edit where you spend your focus and your energy is an act of responsibility- because it's all finite. YOU are in control. YOU determine what is top of mind for you and what's in front of your face whether it be social media, media in general, or the company you keep. Fill your days with things and people that inspire you and build you up.is Radical Responsibility constantly berating yourself for being a slacker? Nope. It's building awareness around the things you're DOING in relation to the things you're SAYING and determining whether the two are in alignment. If yes, HOORAY! Keep up the awesome work! If no, where can you adjust your thoughts, energy and actions to help to accomplish what you say you want?


Elevated accountability builds on Radical Responsibility by encouraging one another to walk our talk.  To resist just going through the motions, and instead live a life of intention. If you say that your goal is x, then every day you must do the things necessary to get closer to x. Eat in that way. Sleep in that way. Move in that way. Speak in that way. Remember anyone can SAY they have a goal.  That’s the easy part. Statistics show that about 92% of us talk the talk every year, but only about 8% of us actually walk the walk. There is nothing more fulfilling or satisfactory than being who you say you are, or doing what you say you'll do. Having a support system to remind you of what you SAID was important to you is key.  Having a support system that reminds you that YES you ARE capable of those things is key. And having a support system that (gently but effectively) calls you on your bull shit is KEY. Embrace it, because all of your success is on the other side.


#strongertogether …it's what we're known for. We watch our folks live it. This is ALL it's about. This is all it was EVER about. This is all it WILL EVER be about. This FAMILY that we've built together on broth grit and gratitude is truly limitless!

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