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Am I Ready to Count Macros?

August 17th, 2019 by Shelley Sales

Thinking about counting macros but not sure what it entails or if you are ready?  Let’s find out.

What are macros?

Macros is short for macronutrients.  Macronutrients are the main nutrients that make up the foods that we eat - protein, fats and carbs. Tracking macros is a very helpful way to work towards a specific body composition goal and get you performing your best. Whether the goal is fat loss, muscle gain or maintenance, counting macros can get you there. Your unique macro allotment will be created based off of your activity level, current body composition, desired body composition, age, and previous dietary and medical history.

So how do you count them?

You will be given a set number in grams of protein, carbs & fats to consume for each day. It is very important that you plan out your meals to create food combinations that will hit your numbers. Being as close as possible to these numbers will get you to your goals.  We like to have our clients think of it like their own unique puzzle that they plug puzzle pieces (meals) into.  We also provide a TON of resources to help calculating as easy as possible.

How much planning and time is involved?

To be honest, A LOT - at least in the beginning. Once you find your groove, things start to feel automatic and you’re able to accurately eyeball portion sizes that are correct for you.  Be prepared to spend 2-4 hours a week planning and prepping your meals. You can not wing macros. It’s just not possible. You need to be prepared at all times and have all your meals and snacks planned out and ready to go. It will get easier over time but the first couple weeks are an adjustment for sure.

Counting macros is a dream for folks that don’t mind eating the same thing day after day, week after week.  It certainly makes prep a lot more streamlined.  If you’re someone that needs constant variety in your menu, it won’t be impossible - but it may not be your jam.  All that to say - counting macros is not for everyone. It is very important that you have a good foundation before even considering counting macros. If you haven’t mastered a habit based nutrition approach, then it is likely not time to move on to macros.

Will I see results?

Once you get past the first few weeks you’ll start to see how your macros are specifically designed for you. Every single person has a different experience! If you follow the plan as directed, you will see the results. Some clients see their inches drop (a lot), others see their weight go down or a combination of both. Again, every person is different. What I can guarantee you will notice is a sense of understanding, and a sense of fueling your body in a very intentional way. So many clients tell me within the first week that their bloat is gone, their digestion is better, their mood is better, their skin is clearer, etc. Woohoo! Eating the right portion of protein, carbs and fats for YOUR body makes a world of difference.

If counting macros sounds like something you’d be interested in, you will first need to schedule a consult with a professional.  PLEASE don’t rely on apps like My Fitness Pal, Mike’s Macros, etc to “set” your macros for you - we’ve seen MANY a client crash and burn this way as these apps tend to be wildly inaccurate.  It’s important to work with someone that knows you, your body, your habits and your commitment level - that is willing to help you ask the right questions to nail down initial macros that will serve you best. 

I do require all clients who have not previously counted macros to submit a food journal for 4 weeks before starting to count macros. This helps me see where you are struggling and also gets you used to tracking your food. If you aren’t willing to keep a basic food journal then you aren’t ready to count macros. After the 4 weeks the client will transition into counting macros - this transition is so much easier once you have that foundation. If you are ready to kick it up a notch and see the results you’ve been waiting for, counting macros is the way to go and I’d love to help you do it!

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