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Powerful Community

August 19th, 2019

What does it mean to be part of a Powerful Community? It’s the first of our seven core values, and it’s something we take very seriously.

We believe that the power really comes in the ability to look around the room and see yourself. To know that yes YOU can be successful here.

It's in finally being able to exhale.

It's in showing up by choice day after day - for yourself and for your people. It's in FINALLY having a routine you can stick to.

It's in knowing your WHY and in learning to take responsibility for your action and inaction.

In appreciating how far you've come and anxiously awaiting what's around the corner for you.

In knowing you can ask for help when you need it. In knowing that you can show up and fall apart if you need to on the bad days. It's also in the joy of lifting others up on your strong days.

It's in the high fives, the hugs, the "C'mon we got this".

It’s definitely in the people that notice when you're there and more importantly when you aren't - in the acquaintances that become friends and then family.

It's in realizing how amazing it feels to be part of something bigger than yourself or your "shoulds".

At Grit and Gratitude we're made up of folks from ALL walks of life. Nothing here is cookie cutter or typical. We've grown solely by word of mouth and referrals. From our folks bringing their friends and their family to OUR home because of the way it makes them feel to be here - because they so desperately want that feeling for others.

We're people that otherwise probably never would've crossed paths. People that ordinarily wouldn't have much in common. But people that CHOOSE to show up and love each other up week after week.

Y'all, I know I talk about it all the time, but MAN that is RARE in a world hellbent on division!!

In the beginning, when I would describe our community at the gym, I would compare it to getting your sense of camaraderie back by being a part of SOMETHING. So many of us had that at one point or another whether it be through a sports team, or a band, or a social club, or fraternity/sorority. We had a group we belonged to. We had people that expected to see us at certain times and would check on us if/when we didn't show up. Many of us found a purpose through those affiliations. We felt we were held to a certain standard.

There were many of us that DIDN'T have that as well. Maybe we didn't make the team. Maybe we didn't fit the mold. Maybe we didn't have the "right" clothes, or shoes, or live in the "right" neighborhood. Many of us longed to belong to something for years but could never find our fit. I remember feeling that way for a long time as the new girl when I moved to CT.

I've said it before, but when I built this place, I was on a mission to find my people. And here you are.

Let me caveat ALL of this by saying - We're rooting for everyone, but we're not a fit FOR everyone.

It isn't a secret that I've asked people to leave our gym in the past because I didn't think they were the right fit for our powerful, inclusive community based on their actions. I don't and won't tolerate hate or prejudice of any kind. This gym will continue to be a safe place for anyone that wants to be #strongertogether. For me, character and actions will always be key. The culture we've built here is invaluable, and no dollar amount on a membership check will change that.

Now, when I talk about the community at Grit and Gratitude, I tell people we're on a mission to change the world through our example of strength and inclusion and empathy. I've seen what's possible in OUR walls and I know if we can keep doing what we're doing, we'll rub off on the people beyond our walls. I get messages each and every week thanking me for opening our doors because we "came into your life at just the right time."

Here's the thing though - If you're here (even virtually), it isn't by accident. I truly believe that. I DO believe that your vibe attracts your tribe. And I believe that each and every one of you play a special role in this community. Without YOU, we aren't US.

So just in case you don't know, I'm super thankful that YOU (yes, you) walked through our doors as a stranger, decided to stay, and have now become family. I'm thankful that YOU choose to read our posts in a sea of social media noise. I'm thankful for the excitement you've shared about what is coming for this community in our new chapter!

In the coming months, we'll be hosting several non-fitness seminars and bringing in several speakers to continue our mission of growing this special community. We'll bring in resources that will help us all continue to grow in celebrating the things that make us similar and understanding the things that make us different, because both are beautiful and both are vitally important in changing our community and our world for the better. We'll be offering services for folks that aren't local to us! Yes, soon we'll be able to serve anyone, anywhere - and we can't wait!

So here's to the next chapter of this ever-expanding POWERFUL community!

This week, let's thank each other for the role you play in one another's weeks and lives. Meet someone you don't already know. Invite a friend you know could use a fit family like ours!

If you've been a following along but haven't taken the plunge to actually come in and check us out - we'd LOVE to meet you! A GREAT way to test the waters is through our 3 week unlimited trial. You can grab your spot for that here:

Sign up for your trial now!

We aren't the fanciest. We aren't the biggest. But what we have is so, so special. THANK YOU for the role you play and the commitment you've made to this powerful community!!

Stronger Together. Love. Respect. Repeat.

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