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Powerful Results

August 19th, 2019

What do POWERFUL results look like? Better yet, what do they feel like?

For the most part the results from our program speak for themselves. Check out our "Powerful Results" Highlight on Instagram to see what we mean - @gritandgratitudect.

BUT since we're covering our core values over the next few weeks we wanted to take the opportunity to remind you that results can mean A LOT of different things to A LOT of different folks.

Contrary to what the media would have you believe, fat loss is not the ONLY goal, or result to pursue. It's a fine goal. A useful goal at times. But it's certainly not the only goal.

Strength, Power, Presence, Confidence, Consistency, Relief, Camaraderie, Stress management, and Connection are all pretty powerful as well.

Another reminder here, friends. The world doesn't need a NEW you, or even a different you. YOU are fantastic. Today. Just as you are. YOU don't need fixing, because YOU are not broken.

That being said, I think that making an intentional change is one of the most powerful things a person can do for themselves and for this world. I firmly believe that you can be BOTH a masterpiece and a work in progress in any area you choose to improve - be-it your body, your mind, your relationships, your career, your opinion, a specific skill, or anything else YOU decide you want to expand.

Sometimes though, I think we go about our goals/resolutions the wrong way. Many times we set the goals or chase the results we THINK we're supposed to set based on what others tell us. Nahhh, you're never gonna stick to those. Your goals must be important to YOU. You have to be hungry for them. They need to be the thing you just can't get off your mind. Then and only then will you be focused enough to achieve them. We call it "finding your WHY", and we have an entire chalkboard wall dedicated to it as a reminder to our folks every time they walk into and out of the gym.

So let your goals be YOURS.

There is nothing more fulfilling or satisfactory than being who you say you are, or doing what you say you'll do. It's such a rare quality.

Remember, we don't need a complete overhaul of who you are. We just need more people walking their talk - and we're pretty great at helping folks do just that.

When you walk your talk, those powerful results have a tendency to show up faster than you'd think.

Ready to walk your talk? Let us help! Get started with our 3 week unlimited trial package for just $67 and get 3 weeks of unlimited boot camp and unlimited yoga, as well as a complementary nutrition consult.

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