One thing we know to be true - women are resilient AF. We're doers. Leaders. Nurturers. Warriors. And we all share a universal burden of overwhelm, selflessness and more times than not - shame. We're walking around numb. We're running on fumes. But we just don't know how to break the cycle.


Most women come to us (at least in the beginning) for help losing weight, or fat specifically. They've tried every diet and exercise program under the sun. They're exhausted and they're stuck in a cycle of trying to be everything for everyone. Sound familiar?

What we've found, is that many times the extra weight or poor self image many women carry, is just an accessory of a much larger issue. That issue is almost always rooted in shame, selflessness and overwhelm.  Some common areas we see this show up in are our relationship with food, our relationship with money, our relationship with our own sexuality and what it means, an overall lack of boundaries, poor time management, toxic relationships, clutter, and a lack of self worth.

Through specific mindset shifts in tracking our habits and our cycles, we can create clarity and focus in these areas and more. When we get our minds right and understand our bodies, we believe that we can choose to put that shame down, work through the overwhelm and stop carrying it with us. Through those same shifts, we learn to set effective boundaries to guard our energy and get our time back.

Join us for 12 incredible weeks this Winter, as we support one another in choosing our strength, rewriting our story, and owning our collective success with a little grit and a lot of gratitude. The Glow Up will officially start on 1/11 with a live orientation video you can access from anywhere.

Spots are limited.

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During The Glow Up, clients will set goals, track habits and learn to make adjustments based on the season, their hormone and energy levels, and their performance. They will learn to tune into their bodies' natural highs and lows and align their expectations of themselves - including but not limited to their physical performance, the way they fuel their bodies, time management, and productivity level with those highs and lows. 

Instead of fighting their bodies, restricting, or hating themselves into adherence, they'll learn to relax into the their unique rhythm based on data they've collected and analyzed with their coach.  Instead of surrendering to the idea of being too much or not enough, they'll learn to set effective boundaries, discard society's expectations and to be successful on their own terms - long term.  They'll stop numbing out, and start turning inward - trusting their own wisdom and learning to celebrate themselves in each and every season.



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Current Grit and Gratitude member? Email Rachel to take advantage of your Glow Up discount.


The next Glow Up group will kick off 1/11 and run through 4/4!
WITH THE GLOW UP, you'll get:
  • UNLIMITED Boot Camp
  • Empowerment around making nutrition decisions that work for YOU based on your goals
  • Guided meditations
  • Mindset check up calls
  • Access to our private Glow Up Facebook Group
  • Daily emails
  • Guest Speakers
  • A Dedicated Coach and regular check ins
  • Access to The Glow Up photo shoot
  • A chance to win an 8 day trip for two to Maui, Cabo or Cancun!
  • Unlimited motivation and accountability - what we do best!
  • And lots of other surprises along the way


The Glow Up is NOT a quick fix or a diet program  

It's a clear cut system to take a look at and address what's holding you back from your full potential and give you the tools to reach it. This is a HIGH touch program and seats are LIMITED.  Hop on our Winter Glow Up waitlist today via the form below!  Once registration opens, seats are sure to go FAST!



If you are a current Grit and Gratitude client, email Rachel to take advantage of your Glow Up discount!